I’ve been into cycling from the very beginning. I grew up in a small village in the mountains and as kid I would spend most of my time discovering that small world on a bike.

Later on that turned into mountain biking which I got in love with so much that was spending most of my time building extreme single-tracks in the forests. Not only that, I produced a few bike movies and broken a few bones.

Nowadays, I call myself as bike traveller as this is what my bike’s love lookes like now. So far I’ve been on 8 bike trips, ridden more than 15 000 km, visited 15 countries and spent over 100 nights in a tent or tentless. And that’s something I can share with you.


I wasn’t much of a cycling passionate as I had always hated uphills. I bought my first touring bike for daily cycling to work. And I liked it. My life passion started.

I had always loved maps, mountains and navigation gadgets. I am a licensed mountain guide, an incoming tourism professional, a sub-Tatra region lover.

I love discovering unknown places and sharing them with others. TatraVelo lands are my life discoveries. I have been exploring them for 12 years now. I am happy to share this passion with you.