Great work! You’ve made it up here. We hope it’s sunny so you can enjoy the views. This is one of the best panoramas of the Tatras from the North.

Gubałówka is a name that came, as many other ending with “ówka” (Polish) and “ovka” (Slovak) from the surname of the owner of the place. In this case, it could be Gubała.

What you can see in front of you is Zakopane city with Giewont wall above it. Roughly, what you can see east from Giewont (to your left) are High Tatras - more rugged, more rocky; and to the west (your right) are the Western Tatras, with some more “gentle” peaks (but not only).

The Tatras are not very big in area: some 57km from the East to the West and 19km from the North to the South. The total area is 785 square kilometers. For comparison, the area of the city of Berlin is 891 sq. km, Warsaw is 517 sq km. Its highest peak is Gerlach (2655 m) in Slovakia. In Poland, Rysy is the highest point with 2499 m above sea level. There is a funicular that links Gubałówka with Zakopane. The carriage of bicycles is allowed. So now, enjoy the way down :-)

Find it on Day 1/5: TatraVelo Goulash.